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Choosing Your Instructor



Finding your ideal driving instructor can be a difficult task, faced with so many choices over car, person, pass rates, price and reputation!

So here at Driving Advisor we decided to put together a rough guide to help you through the process.


Is your parents driving instructor still going? If so they have to be your 1st port of call

As they have been around and established that long They have to be good. I have personally taught 6 pupils now whose both parents I have taught to drive.

Your parents instructor may have expanded over the years into a bigger school and have instructors working with them who they have trained, this would still be a good choice. Likewise if you have an older brother or sister their ex instructor could be a good choice.


“Birds of a feather flock together” This is true of humans too!

You are likely to find that you will be suited to an instructor who has taught one of your close friends to drive, as usually the personalities will be suited. Ideally ensure your friend has actually passed the test with them to prove they are capable as your friend maybe just getting on well with them but not actually pass the test which is what you want.

If you can see their Driving Test marking sheet (DL25) see how many minor errors were marked on there as ideally it needs to be under 6 in my opinion to ensure they were prepared to a good standard!


Until the takeover of the Internet EVERY driving instructor was in the Yellow Pages! It was the only place to be, now hardly anyone uses it and I think its now out of production. Even when it was in production you were still faced with a difficult task in choosing your ideal instructor from the hundreds of entries.

Type Driving Instructor followed by your local town into Google and you are faced with the same dilemma, a “list” of potential candidates most saying the same thing as they did in the Yellow Pages

“Patient DSA approved Instructor”

“Student Discounts”

“Block Booking Discounts”

“High Pass Rate!”

You can refine the list slightly by putting out a Social Media post asking for a good driving instructor but again you will just be presented with a list of names of peoples ex instructors. This takes us back to option 2 and its best to choose which friends you get on best with as their instructor will likely also suit you.



We started Driving Advisor to help you save time and money by enabling you to

  • Search your local area
  • See all “available” Driving Advisor instructors in that area
  • Check out their recent passes
  • Read Reviews on their services
  • Pay securely for their services

All instructors on a Driving Advisor search result have availability to take on new pupils, with an internet search you have to spend a vast amount of time contacting each of your choices only to be told “Sorry full for 6 weeks!”, so saving you hours of time and call charges

You will see pictures of their recent passes, enabling you to possibly see if any friends have passed with them but most importantly you will be able to read unbiased REVIEWS on their services giving you real evidence on which to make your decisions.

There is also the ability to pay online for your lessons enabling you to have accountability for payment of your lessons rather than paying a virtual stranger and them never coming back for future lessons


Try all the above methods and if your still struggling give us here at Driving Advisor a message on our Facebook page and we will gladly help you.

The choice in the end is yours and we hope this post has helped you make a more Informed decision and you get the ideal driving instructor and pass your test soon and at the first attempt


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