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Driving Lessons-Major/Minor Driving Test Faults explained

Minor and Major Driving test Faults explained

Driving tests in the UK are marked using a DL25 marking form, understanding how you will be marked is an important aspect of learning on your driving lessons and a very common question asked by pupils usually phrased as “What’s a Minor a Major fault?”

We hope this article goes someway to making clear the answer to those questions.

Here is a link to the DL25 form for you to study and refer to as we go through the marking system

You are allowed to occur up to 15 MINOR DRIVING ERRORS but if you occur 1 MAJOR DRIVING ERROR this will result in automatic failure pf the test.

There are in fact 3 categories of errors:

MINOR, SERIOUS and DANGEROUS both SERIOUS and DANGEROUS are classed as MAJORs and one of those will result in failure.

Lets take a look at each one of them so you are fully aware of how these can occur on your Driving Lessons and how they will be judged when performed under the glare of the examiner on the driving test!

To do this we will use the example of turning right from a major road into a side road and the fault to be measured will be the cutting of the corner.

See section 21 on the DL25 FORM and the last area at bottom of form is CUTTING CORNERS.

We approach the right turn but steer slightly early causing our right hand front wheel to narrowly cut the corner. The Fault didn’t or wouldn’t have affected another road user approaching the junction. Error marked in Minor Error section (Longest of boxes)


We approach the same junction but steer much earlier causing a severe cut of the corner with both front and back wheels cutting onto the other side of the road. The fault would have affected another road user if they had of been approaching the junction. Error marked in Serious section (Column marked with S at the top)

MAJOR ERROR (Dangerous)

We again approach the same junction steering again too early as in the previous fault causing the severe cut of the corner but this time another road user is there and has to brake of steer to avoid collision with us. Error marked in Dangerous Section (Column marked with D at the top)

We hope this helps in you preparation for your driving test by encouraging to self monitor each of the errors you occur to enable you to gave knowledge of how your being marked and improve you standard on the driving test.

We hope this understanding will help you on your driving lessons

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Thank you for reading and good luck!


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