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Yes, we should do! It depends whether or not your local driving schools have signed up to Driving Advisor. But we’re growing every day – so you’re bound to find a great instructor in your area soon enough.
As long as you’ve got your provisional license then you can start learning to drive. All of our driving instructors must be over the age of 21, pass a full criminal record check and must have held a full driving license for at least three years. Only driving instructors registered by the Driver Vehicle & Standards Agency (DVSA) can charge you for lessons – so you know Driving Advisor only matches you with fully legal driving instructors. All instructors are tested to high standards and are graded either A or B to show that they’re good enough to teach you how to drive!
Well, this one is a pretty diverse question! It depends what you’re looking for, what your learning style is and what you budget is. But we can give you a few pointers on how to find a driving instructor that’s right for you. You’re off to a good start if you actually like your driving instructor as a person – this makes it easier for you to follow their instructions and also easier for them to teach you. Any driving instructor worth their weight in gold will be extremely patient with you and will reassure you if you make any mistakes.

Generally, a good driving instructor should be punctual, polite and follow some form of lesson plan every session rather than making it up as they go along. The most important thing is they’re supportive in lessons and that you’re comfortable with your progress.

This depends on what the driving instructors themselves offer. They’re all different and that’s what makes them so awesome. You’ll find everything including single lessons and block booking by the session or hour. It’s really up to you, your price range and how much time you think you’d need. Paying up front makes it easy and affordable for you so you can budget in advance – whether you’re booking for a relative or yourself.
The quick answer is – whenever you’re available! You can select a driving instructor base on their availability information displayed on their profile. This will cut down the risk of annoying cancellations and finding instructors last minute.
It’s really simple – we’ll put you in touch with your driving instructor and they will contact you to schedule your lessons.