28th September 2017 | General News

Why Learn With Driving Advisor?

Finding the right driving instructor can be as stressful and frustrating as learning to drive. Lessons are expensive, so can you be sure you’ll get value for money? How can you tell if an instructor is competent, reputable or simply out to take you for a ride?

Learning to drive with a qualified and approved driving instructor is recommended by leading industry bodies. Whether you’re a learner driver or a parent paying the fees, you’ll want to find the best instructor to suit either your needs or your Childs needs. Finding a good match is key to becoming a safe, confident driver.

On average, learners require forty five lessons to gain enough skills to successfully pass a driving test. When booking lessons, the cost and quality of instruction are huge considerations but you’ll be spending a lot of time with your instructor, so being able to trust them is just as important. Knowing your instructor is honest, respectable and reliable will put you at your ease so you can focus on learning to drive and passing your test. Yet without a glowing testimonial from a friend or relative, how do you know which instructor is right for you?

Fortunately, if you’re a learner driver, a new independent driving instructor comparison website is being launched this year to steer you in the right direction. The first of its kind, drivingadvisor.co.uk allows you to search and compare top driving instructors in your local area. With drivingadvisor.co.uk, you’ll find a quality instructor at the right price on your doorstep.

Drivingadvisor.co.uk brings transparency to learner drivers throughout the UK. The concept of the comparison site is simple but very effective. Learners and parents can find and compare the quality and credentials of local approved driving instructors. Not only can they compare lesson costs, special offers and pass rates but they can also view the availability of each instructor. With drivingadvisor.co.uk, there are no lengthy waiting lists and you can book lessons to suit your schedule. Calling round and cross-examining instructors only to find they’re booked up for six months will soon be a thing of the past.

With drivingadvisor.co.uk, you can quickly and easily find the right instructor for you. Getting on the road has never been easier; you’ll be behind the wheel as soon as you’ve found your perfect match!

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