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The Day Of Your Test

The Day of Your Driving Test


Week before preparation

Once your test is booked you can begin counting down the days!

Your final few lessons should consist of your driving independently whilst your instructor assesses your driving, informing you of any improvements that need to be made. It can be a good idea to get as much private practice in that week enabling you to drive as independently as the day approaches

If you find your are making consistent errors, your instructor is having to help you a good deal or your accompanying driver isn’t feeling relaxed then you should consider rearranging your driving test, you have 3 working days before your test to do this.

Its good to work out this date to keep it in mind as you build up to the test in case you need to rearrange. Your instructor should be aware of this also but check with them for their opinion. Another point to check is the day, time and centre for your test as many people get this wrong. Print your email off or show it to your instructor on your phone to ensure all is correct. Another tip is to over the Show Me / Tell Me questions that you will be asked on the test.

Also ensure you check your emails the that week as any cancelations or changes are only notified by email on the email address you used when booking the driving test.


The night before

The night before the test ensure you have your plastic past of your provisional licence and your theory test pass letter ready as is stated in your appointment email. You will NOT be allowed to even start the driving test if you cannot produce your provisional driving licence, the theory test letter however is rarely requested by the examiner but should ideally be taken to the driving test as it is requested in the email.

Ensure you have sufficient sleep the night before the test as you will not be able to fully concentrate if you are tired, another point to consider is your hydration, ensuring your fully hydrated will ensure you are  performing at your maximum


On the morning

On the morning of your test obviously ensure you are up in time!!

I personally prefer morning test as I think you do not have all day to worry about it, instead your up in the car and driving rather than sitting or pacing about all day awaiting the arrival of your instructor.

Ensure you leave the house with the provisional licence and theory test certificate in your possession, your driving instructor should also check you have them both with on entering the car, as I said earlier the licence is essential but not so much the theory pass letter.


The Pre Test lesson

On your Pre Test lesson (The hour before the test) your driving Instructor should ideally take you  through all the manoeuvres than you could be asked to do on the test, make you aware of any road works or temporary speed limits in the area that have changed since your last lesson and generally ensure you are relaxed and confident. Your instructor should be having to help you at all.

Ideally just before arriving at the driving test centre your instructor should go through the Show Me /Tell Me questions with you to ensure they are fresh in your mind

Don’t worry about the time of arrival at the test centre at the end of the pre test lesson as the instructor will be fully aware of the time to arrive approximately 10 minutes before test start time, you just keep concentrating on your driving.



In the waiting room

Your instructor should ensure you are correctly parked to start the test at the driving test centre and have checked the brake lights are working as if the examiner asks that Show Me question and they are not working you will not be allowed to continue with the test.

Most test centres have a toilet there if needed but its best to ask your instructor during the pre test lesson if there is a toilet there to make them aware you may need one in case there isn’t one at the centre.

Once seated in the waiting room with licence in hand try to keep calm as this waiting period can often be the most difficult part as your mind isn’t occupied with driving now causing it to create all sorts of catastrophic thoughts!! Keep occupied, chat with your instructor and drink some water.

When the examiners come into the waiting room one of them will call your name out, providing you have are there at the correct time on the correct day at the correct driving test centre as we have said earlier in this article these should be checked well before as it will now be too late to do anything and you will not be going on the test.

Providing all is correct the examiner will ask for your provisional driving licence to check and whilst they are doing that they will ask you to read and sign a DL25 form to ensure you are insured for the vehicle and you have been resident in the United Kingdom for the last 186 days.

The examiner will then ask you to take them out to your vehicle and ask if you want your driving instructor or accompanying driver to sit in the back of the car during the test. This is your decision and ideally should have been discussed before hand.

Once out of the test centre building the examiner will request you to read a car number plate back to then as an eyesight test followed by a Show Me/Tell Me question.

You then be asked to get in the vehicle and make yourself comfortable, ensuring your seat beltis on and your door is securely closed. Once the examiner gets in the car they will give you further instructions in how the test will be conducted.

Finally once the examiner says “Move off when you are ready” ensure you check handbrake is applied and the gears are in neutral before turning the key to start engine.

Good luck on your driving test, we here at Driving Advisor hope this post has helped you be better prepared for the DAY OF YOUR DRIVING TEST!!




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